JoiN Me HeRe..

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Honey Lemon Tea...

1.30hours: What a sunny day..quite hot ya!so don't forget to put sunblock lotion in your handbag,always bring and use that ok..

mmm when open the fridge,my eyes focus to the lemon that i bought yesterday.Yes!got the idea,i want to make honey lemon tea and the most important is 'No Sugar Added'.It's a good choice for me because now i'm trying to reduce the total of sugar in my drink and my dishes.On diet?maybe sometimes hehe..(but still can't remove my routine,will eat 1 bar chocolate/day because i'm choc lover).Whatever la!!!..ok lets prepare this drink...

  1. Hot and cool water
  2. teabag-2 sachet
  3. 2 tbs honey (add more if you like it)
  4. 3-4 lemon slice
put teabag in hot water and wait about 5 minutes.then add honey,lemon slice,cool water and stir it.last put some ice cube if you like..and done!so simple kan dear.Enjoy the drink,slurrrpp..


  1. panas2 ni mmg best pekena teh limau madu ni kan..

  2. assalamualaikum - salam kenal honey iced lemon tea perfect for today sunny hot day!! follow u

  3. cendana:cuaca mcm ni mesti kna letak ais kan..kalo tak minum suam2 lg bagus.
    mala:slm kenal jgk..thanks ya :).